“Wedding Coat”

Wedding Coat Cover

Wedding Coat

Last week, I released two new records, and talked about a campaign I launched to raise money for marriage counseling through Know the Truth Ministries and Northland Counseling Services.  I will get into some stories this week, and talk a bit about Hal Baumchen and his ministry, in other posts.  For now, you can read up on these topics here:

My last blog post

Know the Truth Ministries

For today, let’s talk about the first song on the “Wedding Coat” EP.  It’s called “Wedding Coat”.  How clever!

The song and record title were inspired by a line in Bruce Springsteen’s “The River” – “… And for my 18th birthday, I got a union card and a wedding coat…”  I love Bruce’s music, but it seems, at least back then, that he had a pretty negative view on marriage.  Maybe it was his songwriting reflecting the times?  I don’t know.  But I remember clearly an old boss of mine singing with so much gusto, “Got a wife and kids in Baltimore, Jack.  I went out for a ride, and I Never went back…“.  There was so much hope in the way he sang those words…  And you know what – he did just that…

And so did I…

So this song, “Wedding Coat” has three parts to it.  Part one is about my attitude in my first marriage.  I’m not proud of it.  I was a jerk.  But it’s the start of a record that is all about this issue.  We have done our best to redefine marriage, in that we can just END it if we don’t feel like it anymore.  Sad…

So – on a better note…  Part two, is about my attitude in my marriage now.  I have learned so much, by the grace of God, watching so many who’s desire is to love and cherish their wives – as it should be.  In fact – the line in the song, “Gonna give my woman my wedding coat”, was inspired by my son-in-law.  At their wedding, an outdoor wedding on a snowy cold October day, he stopped the ceremony to take his coat off and put it on his shivering bride.  A gesture that inspired all the groomsmen to do the same to their bridesmaids – and moved me to tears…  I want to be that kind of husband all the time…  Lord help me…

So part three, this is Jesus talking to His bride, the church.  HE adores us!  And scripture tells us he washes us clean by the word, by His blood…  How can we know this, and not respond?

Dear friends, if you are in a hopeless marriage, know there IS hope.  If God has blessed you with a wonderful marriage – REJOICE IN IT!  If you know of others in a struggle – PRAY for them…

I have heard many stories – some I will share with you soon – since the release of this record.  I would love to hear more.  And I will be praying for all of you through this campaign.

So this is the first song on this record.  As I mentioned in the other post, I am selling it to raise money for marriage counseling.  Please prayerfully consider giving to this cause, to save maybe just ONE marriage.  You can buy my music here:

Wedding Coat EP

My Praise

Or, if you like, you can donate directly to the ministry here:


I have a goal to raise $1000, and I will match that dollar for dollar.  As of today, we are at $404 dollars, counting my match.  Almost a quarter the way!  Will you help me obtain this goal?

I love you!


Wedding Coat

I’m gonna buy myself a wedding coat
My life is over now, that’s all she wrote
I am no longer free, she killed my joy
Sucked the life from me, gave her a girl and a boy

Toil and heartache, that’s all you gain
A lifetimes wages, such a waste
Why am I so selfish, so self-absorbed?
There must be something better, Lord…

I’m gonna give my woman my wedding coat
To keep her safe and warm, this world is cold…
But she belongs to me, I’d die for her
And a family we soon will birth

Joy and goodness, you give to us
What can I do, Lord, to measure up?
Why am I so blessed, so favored, Lord?
There must be someone else, someone else…

I’m gonna wave my banner over you
You are my bride, I made you new
By my blood you gain my holiness
And my wedding coat shall be your dress
And my wedding coat shall be your dress
And my righteousness shall be your dress…


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