This Broken Home…

Wedding Coat Cover

This Broken Home

This is the third song from my new EP titled “Wedding Coat” – a project I put together and am selling to raise funds for marriage counseling, for some couple or couples I may never meet.  🙂  You can read about it here:

Wedding Coat Campaign

Know the Truth Ministries

I wrote this song, “God Save This Broken Home”, shortly after finding out my ex wife’s new husband was leaving her.  This sort of sent me reeling.  Really???  He seemed to be such a great guy, was great with the kids, etc.  I didn’t know much about him to be honest.  I still don’t.  But he left, and it tore that house apart.  Including my kids, her family – AGAIN.

I wrestled selfishly with the thought that had I not ended our marriage, this would never have occurred.  And while that is selfish thought  – there is truth to that thought (the devil works his lies in with truth statements all the time…).

And no matter what – it was another divorce my kids were subjected to.  I talked about this before – divorce is like a nuclear bomb.  It leaves a devastating wake of destruction, that lasts for years.  I would argue it potentially affects generations…  Going through TWO divorces – I just couldn’t imagine…  So this song was borne out of that.

It used to have more of a “You owe me something, God!” vibe.  I removed that, going more for the “I’m on my face, I need you Lord” instead.  I think that is more appropriate.  I’ve seen loved ones act in both ways – heck, I have myself.  It’s a rough spot to be, and your emotions are a mess, even if you think you wanted it.  Divorce is a mother…

But there is hope.  God says He hates divorce.  It’s one of the few things in the bible that God says He hates (that, and religion – go figure).  But while He hates divorce – He loves you.  Even if you got divorced.  Even if you caused it.

And He is close to the broken hearted, as it says in the Psalms.   If you are hurting – don’t turn Him away.  He’s all you have…

As I mentioned in the other posts, I am selling this record to raise money for marriage counseling.  Please prayerfully consider giving to this cause, to save maybe just ONE marriage.  You can buy my music here:

Wedding Coat EP

My Praise

Or, if you like, you can donate directly to the ministry here:

I have a goal to raise $1000, and I will match that dollar for dollar.  As of today, we are at $712, counting my match.  Almost a quarter the way!  Will you help me obtain this goal?

I love you!


This Broken Home

God, save this broken home
Once was loved, now so alone
I can’t make it one more day
Take this broken heart away

God save me…

Save me from this tired life
Restore me, Lord, restore my life
I’m broken and I can’t find peace
You’re supposed to rescue me

God save me…

The Lord is close to the broken hearted…


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