Give the Gift…

Wedding Coat Cover

So this is pretty cool!  Bandcamp has a new offering, where I can give you my entire catalog at a reduced rate!  That’s FOUR records (I have more, but this is what I have available to you right now.  If you want more – we can discuss), at 25% off!  AND – if you act now, your money will go to Know the Truth Ministries, toward marriage counseling for some blessed couple (or couples, God-willing).  AND – I’m still matching up to $1000!  So – you get a deal, and so to others!  Wowsers!  You can buy my music here:


In case you were not aware, I’m doing a campaign, with my music, where all money raised (ALL of it, not just proceeds) will go towards marriage counseling sessions with Know the Truth Ministries, a Christian counseling organization.  You can read about it here:

Wedding Coat Campaign

And you can read about this wonderful ministry here:

Know the Truth Ministries

So – when you go to my Bandcamp page , click on any record you want.  You will see an option that looks sorta like this:


Notice the option to buy the entire catalog at 25% off.  And you DON’T EVEN HAVE TO STAND IN LINE!!!  What a deal!

Of course you CAN give more – and ALL OF IT will go to marriage counseling, plus my match.  We are at $712 right now, counting my match.  My original goal was $2000 (1k, plus my 1k match).  I’d love to get there over the holidays.  You can help, and you can even save money while helping!  I can’t stop blabbering about how COOL this is!  THANK YOU BANDCAMP!!!!

And remember – you do NOT have to buy my music to help.  You can give directly, get the tax write-off, send me the receipt, and I will match that too!  Go here to do that, if you like.

Give Directly

One last thing – when shopping my music, notice the “Send as Gift” option.  If you like my music, want to share with others, you can do that as a Christmas gift!  I think that is kinda weird, as I don’t know who I personally would give my music as a gift to…. But – maybe you tell them that you helped a struggling couple out with the purchase, I don’t know.  It’s there if you want it.

I can’t thank you enough for considering.  For those who have supported this campaign thus far, through monies and mostly through prayer.  You are wonderful people, and I love you so much.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and Christmas season.



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