Expectant Waiting and Preparation

This year, I have been in a season of “Advent”, in a way I don’t think I ever have before.  I must confess, this time of year I get too wrapped up in the hoopla.  I’m either in love with it, full of disdain for it, or both.  And there is a LOT of hoopla.

But this year, it seems there have been more things that lead me to say, “Come Lord Jesus.  Come quickly….”

Death in the family, which has rocked us.  That’s to be expected, sure.  But you just don’t prepare for it, and you have no choice but to go through the pain.  And it sucks.  And it doesn’t go away quickly.  Heck – my own father died in 2008.  It still hasn’t gone away…

We’ve had numerous stories in the news, that have done nothing but cause division and fear in the hearts of – well, EVERYONE.  Our world – certainly our country, is filled with strife.  Maybe I’m just noticing it more now?  Maybe it’s more in the news?  Maybe both?  But it’s TIRING.  The horrible acts being done against people, but also the horrible things being thought and said about people.  It’s tiring…

We have a candidate who wants to prohibit a person from coming into our country, based on their religious belief.  And some are behind him in this.  Some might even kick those out, who hold that same religious belief.

We also have people who advocate, or even jest, about killing this candidate, or even those who would vote him into office.  Both ways of thinking are wrong on so many levels…

Several videos surely brought attention an organization, polarizing a nation.  It causes those who are bold and brash to lash out with sometimes hate-filled speech (those baby killers are human beings too, in need of a Savior just as I), which gives the false argument that calling this murder is hate speak, some legs in the minds and hearts of many.  So anyone who speaks up and says they think abortion is morally wrong, are immediately labeled as “extremist”, and put on a shelf.  Nope, won’t listen to them…

It also causes those who don’t think these babies are babies until we determine they are babies, to stand in defense.  Walls are built.  Nobody talks about it, we just write about it loudly, thinking we have the last word…

  • On a side note, I want to say that I think the videos coming out was good.  It will hopefully spawn discussions around this topic.  I for one would WELCOME it, in person.  Let’s get coffee!  Let’s disagree in person!  Let’s argue!  I’ll still love you, after the coffee runs out…

We are in a tremendous battle over the value of life, after birth.  Life based on color of skin, sex, race, sexual orientation, region of birth, religious belief, you name it.  Seems like if you ain’t like me, you ain’t human.  And if you agree with the sentiment that is wrong, please check your own heart.  It seems we have all adopted this in our hearts.  We need to guard our hearts against this…

What is wrong, is called right.  What is right, is called wrong.  It’s snowballing out of control. No matter what you believe, one cannot look back at this year, and realize they have said the same thing.  What is actually right, is constantly in question!  Who gets to define this?  Who gets to redefine this?  Certainly not you or I.  Why do we fight over it?

I’m tired…

Thing is, this is not new.  This is how our world has been, since satan was given the keys.  The enemy seeks to devour us.  To steal, kill and destroy.  And he’s duping us into thinking we are each other’s enemy, not him.

Jesus came to free us from this.  It’s done.  He completed His mission, conquered sin and death. But we still have to wait here for this to be fully realized.  That gets frustrating.  The waiting.  How long, or Lord, must I wait?  The age-old question.  We forget that God has something for us, in all of this.  For me.  For YOU…

I’m encouraged that a day is like 1,000 years to my God.  He is patient.  He was with me.  He is with you as well.  If you reject Him, it might be that He hasn’t reject you.  It might be that He’s calling you now.  I’m praying as I write this, that you realize the God of the universe LOVES YOU so much, that He came to live as one of us, to die in your place, so you could LIVE with Him for eternity!  Think of that!  Even when you told Him to get lost, He hasn’t given up on you!  I pray you realize this, and how awesome this Jesus the Christ is, how awesome His love for you is…

Wikipedia, “the source of all truth”, used the words to describe Advent, a season of “expectant waiting and preparation”.  This is my heart, lately.  This is my heart, Lord, for You, always.

I remain confident of this:
    I will see the goodness of the Lord
    in the land of the living.
Wait for the Lord;
    be strong and take heart
    and wait for the Lord
(Psalm 27:13-14)



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