The Cowardly Lion, and Grace…

A little over a year ago, when the mission team I was part of met in preparation for our trip to the Dominican Republic, the ice-breaker question was, “Who is your favorite super hero”.  Super heroes are the rage these days.

When it came to me, I said “The Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz”.  Partly, because everyone took the cool ones like Batman or “Dad”, before I got to answer.  Partly because I thought it would be funny or cute, and get a reaction (I often go for stupid joke mode).  But mainly because – well, he was a complete COWARD, who in the end set aside his cowardice for the good of others.  There is something really noble about setting ones deeply rooted fears aside, to help another.  Dare I compare the lion in the forest, to the Lion in the garden of Gethsemane?

So – my lovely wife watched this movie with me the other night, because I LOVE it, and she LOVES me.  The scene that struck me this go-round was when the lion is bullying the tin man and the scarecrow.  He moves on to Toto, which lands him a smack on the nose by Dorothy, who then lays into him for his bullying.  In tears, he then goes on to explain what a coward he is.  Humility…

The next thing you know, he’s invited to come along to see the wizard, because maybe the wizard will give him courage!

DID YOU GET THAT?  This bully, who was a complete d-bag just a minute ago, is WELCOMED!  Love…  Grace…  Love covers a multitude of sins…

We could learn a lot from this band of misfits, in this day of social media villian making.




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