The Lord Is My Portion. I Will Wait For Him…

My Praise Cover 4

Wait For the Lord (My Portion)

The last song off my record, “My Praise” – the second of two projects I put together and am selling to raise funds for marriage counseling, for some couple or couples I may never meet.  🙂  You can read about it here:

Wedding Coat Campaign

Know the Truth Ministries

This is a celebratory, praise song, fitting for an end of a record.  And also fitting for my announcing THE MONEY HAS BEEN RAISED!  God is so good!  $1000 raised, plus my match of $1000, makes 20 marriage counseling sessions.  I trust God will use these (or has), for His glory and the good of others.

The Lord is my portion.  I will wait for Him…

I’ll write more about this topic, in future posts.  I would love to see a revolution in our society, where marriage is not looked at as a “contract”, but a covenant.  Where we would teach our children this, in word and action.  Where we stand by our spouse, even through the worst of times (they will happen). Where we humble ourselves, admit our failures, give and accept forgiveness, from each other.  Where Christ is put first in our hearts, so that we can put our spouse first (doesn’t make sense?  Two firsts?  But bottom line, if we don’t put Christ first, we will put ourselves first, and our spouse a very distant second at best.  And we all lose).

THANK YOU to all who have helped along the way.  You are a blessing.  And please, keep those you know in marriages, good or bad, or even embarking on marriage, in your prayers.

The Lord is my portion.  I will wait for Him…



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