New Music – AGAIN…

I Love You

I Love You…

Yes, I have new music, AGAIN.

Or better- it’s older songs of mine, that I re-worked, re-recorded.  So – in a way, it’s new!

I got a ton of help on this one.

  • Nathan and Joan Boyer again helped with re-shaping the songs – mostly lyrically, but also with forming a song into something usable.  They also helped with vocals on a few songs
  • Elise Magalis helped with vocals, including sharing lead vocals on “Ain’t Gonna Hide No More”
  • Tom Carlon played bass on all but one song.  And he shared lead vocals on “Oh!  Sweet Love”
  • Tony Preston, who crafted the song “Press On”, also lent vocals, lead guitar and hand claps
  • My lovely wife helped with hand claps – she’s the best hand clapper out there!
  • While I took the pictures on the cover – I was with my lovely daughter as I took each one.  So I gotta give her credit as well.  😉

This was a lot of fun to make!  I hope you enjoy!

As with my last records, I’m going to give away any money raised.  This time around, all monies raised will go to benefit the Salvage Project, my dear brother Jeromy Darling’s non-profit.  Their mission is, in their words, “To repurpose forgotten people and broken lives through music and stories that transmit the saving power and grace of Jesus Christ.”  You can read more about their ministry here .  I’ve been privileged to be part of what they are doing, and it’s incredible to be able to share hope with those who many want to avoid.  Showing someone in real, tangible ways, that they matter, are valued, valuable, created in God’s image – LOVED – that is an awesome thing.  It’s God moving through His children. It’s a beautiful thing…

So – there you have it!  You may or may not know these songs?  But either way, I trust you will enjoy yourself.  Would love to hear your feedback!

I love you…


Download “I Love You…”



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