I Love You THIS Much!


Stars and the Sea

I wrote this song title, before I had the song.  Pretty common for me, actually.  The title, sometimes with the concept, comes long before the content.

“Stars and the Sea”.  My daughter’s name, I’m told, mean’s “Star”. My son’s, “From the sea”.  So I came up with “Stars and the Sea”, thinking it sounds catchy, and wanting to write a love song to them.

Then I thought of how much I love them. And – how much our Father loves us, which far surpasses how much this human could love his own kids.  And I thought about something I remember my mom saying to us when we were little (Or I think she did?  In my mind, she did) – “How much do I love you?”, with her arms stretched as far as they could, “THIS Much!”

So – that’s what this is all about.  Nothing can separate my kids from the love I have for them.  And beyond that – NOTHING can separate us from the love of the Father…

This is another song from a collection I’m releasing in a couple weeks, called “Sins of the Father”.  All of the songs are of the theme of dysfunctional, familial love, and the perfect redemptive love of our Lord Jesus Christ.  I’ll keep you posted as that record comes out.  For now, I hope you enjoy this one.


Stars and the Sea


This Is Not a Love Song…


This Is the Soundtrack for My Heartbreak

No, this is not me throwing my hat in the ring to be a pop singer, writing love/breakup songs.  I’m too old, fat and ugly for that.

I started to write this song a year ago, on the way to the airport, after dropping my daughter off in Seattle.  This song is for parents who are or who have let their kids go.  It’s painful.  It’s a weird time in life.  I distinctly recall being the one leaving the nest.  I now understand and fully appreciate what my parents felt as I did so.

This is a song that will be part of a new record I’m putting finishing touches on, called “Sins of the Father”.  It’s a collection of songs from the perspective of a parent wanting to pass down all the “good things”, and not so much the bad.  It’s a record about generational sin, as I see it – the sinful vices that sometimes get passed down to the next generation – and my desire, my pleading with God that they end here.  That my children be spared.  That, by the way, has been my anxious prayer for years now.  As my kids are entering into adulthood, it’s a little scary, having to let go and trust God has this now.  Which – is kind dumb.  I mean, like He won’t have it, and did???  🙂

So this is a pop song.  I hope you like it.  I hope if you are a parent sending your kids off, or a child leaving the nest, maybe it speaks to you.  And stay tuned!  More to come very soon!

This Is the Soundtrack for My Heartbreak