Sins of the Father…


Sins of the Father

I’ve been writing and recording a lot.  As I finished my last record, “I Love You…”, I began work on a multi-record project.  Like I want to have 50-60 songs on this thing…  It’s quite an endeavor, and it might take me the rest of my life to finish.

But in all that, a couple other projects started to come to life.  This one is the first of them.  It’s all about the relationship between parent and child, the good and bad.  I admit, I focus on more of the failures – my failures – as a parent.  Hence the title.  As a born again Christian, my biggest prayer, my greatest concern, has been for my children.  Their eternal lives – but also their lives here on earth.

I’m not talking about them being healthy, wealthy, prosperous.  I’m talking about them being free from the bondage of sin that I so freely submitted to as a young man.  Things that seem innocent today – but things that cause harm to self and others.  Things that leave in their wake a sense of devastation, that we as a people too easily justify with terms like, “All things happen for a reason”, or “It wasn’t meant to be”, or “It’s not THAT bad”.

Now – please know, I KNOW my kids are human.  I know this.  I know my kids likely will also fail in ways that will devastate me and/or others.  We all are not only prone to sin – we sin.  Even those in Christ sin – we’re still stuck in our flesh (Read Romans 7:14-25 for Paul’s recounting of his own struggles).  I know I will love my kids no matter what.  It’s not that I want them perfect (though a part of me does, like any parent).

I also know I’m made new in Christ.  My sins were paid for on the cross, just as those of my kids.  Even with that, I am left with regrets over my own past sins.  Some of this is – well – because I recognize what I did was wrong, and I see how it affected so many others, my kids included.  Some of it is the devil constantly reminding me of my past.  But God allows that, so in that there is mercy.

Yet, I am anxious for my kids.  I don’t want them to suffer, or cause suffering, due to foolish choices that could be avoided.  I think that is natural as a dad.  I think most everyone thinks that way at some point.  Instead of conceding, “Kids will be kids”, I will bring it to the Lord.  Will he shield them from harm’s way?  Maybe.  He is sovereign, and He gave them the same free will He gave me.  And He knows the entire story – I don’t.  Will He prepare me, and them, for either outcome?  I trust He will.

You keep him in perfect peace
    whose mind is stayed on You,
    because he trusts in You.
(Isaiah 26:3)

So why write a record like this?  To be honest, it was not my plan.  It just sort of played out that way, as songs started to unfold.  I will delve into that more in future blog posts.  But the short answer is – if this is just a “whoa is me” record, then I don’t wanna do it.  The intent is not to lament here.  My prayer is, that a song or songs connect with someone.  Maybe they have been that parent.  Maybe they have been that child.  Or that spouse.  Very likely we can all connect with something on this record, as humans living in relationship with other humans in a fallen world.  And if someone finds comfort, or encouragement by that connection, great.  If someone finds Christ by that connection – AWESOME!

I plan to write about the songs, in the coming weeks, as well a few details on the forming of this record.  For now, I hope you enjoy the record, and feel free to share with anyone you think might appreciate it.

You can find my music on most any online channel (iTunes, Spotify, etc.  Here are a few links):

Sins of the Father on Bandcamp

Sins of the Father on iTunes

Sins of the Fathers on Amazon

Love to you!


Oh – P.S. – In following with my last couple records, all money made from sales of this record will go to benefit those in need.  In this case, the money is going to a wonderful organization called the Salvage Project.

Their mission: To re-purpose forgotten people and broken lives through music and stories that transmit the saving power and grace of Jesus Christ.

If you like, you can Ddonate to the Salvage Project directly:


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