Song Story #8 – Wedding Coat


Wedding Coat

A little more than a year ago, I released a record called “The Wedding Coat“.  The record was written from the perspective of marriage, divorce, the pain around that.  It was a response to not only my past, but seemingly so many that I love, going through similar things.  I did a campaign around that record, ultimately raising $3000 for marriage counseling.  My hope was, and is, that God would use that for SOMEONE.   Some couple, or couples, where money might be the obstacle to getting help.  I still believe that the God who raised the dead to life can restore a dead marriage.

By the way – I’ve seen it with my own eyes, very recently.  God is so good…

So this song, I wrote with the theme of wrapping up the record.  The first verse was my past, how I treated my ex-wife.  Many can relate.  Some would still be proud of that.  Some, like me, not so much.

The second verse is actually my son-in-law.  See, at their wedding (an outdoor wedding in October, and we had SNOW.  It was COLD).  He stopped their wedding, mid-swing, to take his coat off and put it on his bride.  I still tear up, when I think of it…

The last verse is Christ, and we are His bride.

So – a couple things.

  1.  This song.  The original version is acoustic.  I wrote it that way.  I recorded it live, with a mic on me and another on my guitar.

    Note:  The original recording is actually two takes spliced together. If you listen closely, you can hear where I spliced together.  🙂

    Anyway, I played this song at a show last spring.  A friend came up to me, commenting on how he loved the song.  He told me, “Man, I hear a full band doing this song…”.  Huh…  I’d never thought of that…  So I did.  🙂

  2. These two records.  When I put together the “Wedding Coat” record, I would have loved to have done a full length.  I just didn’t have enough material.  In FACT – when I was writing, I wasn’t even planning on doing the record, or the campaign.  I was working on another record at the time.  And most of the songs on the “Wedding Coat” record were slated for that one.  I pulled them out, making two records.

    I did record some covers, that would have fit into the “Wedding Coat” concept.  But they weren’t my songs, so I opted to just give them away to those who supported the campaign instead.

    Then, I started writing new songs.  And the material for “Sins of the Father” materialized.  I thought, “THESE songs could have been side two of ‘the Wedding Coat'”!  Alas, it was a year later.

    So I think of this new record of mine as “the Wedding Coat, Part Deux”.  Where “The Wedding Coat” was about marriage, “Sins of the Father” is about family.  To me, they go hand in hand.

So to me, it seemed appropriate to do a full-on electric version of this song.  I really love how it turned out.  And so did my friend.  🙂

So there you have it!  That’s my new record.  Hope you enjoy!

Love you!


Wedding Coat
I’m gonna buy myself a wedding coat
My life is over now, that’s all she wrote
I am no longer free, she killed my joy
Sucked the life from me, gave her a girl and boy

Toil and heartache is all you gain
A lifetime’s wages, such a waste…
Why am I so selfish, so self-absorbed?
There must be something better…
Better, Lord…

I’m gonna give my woman my wedding coat
To keep her safe and warm, this world is cold
But she belongs to me, I’d die for her
And a family we soon will birth

Joy and goodness, you give to us
What can I do, Lord, to measure up?
Why am I so blessed, so favored Lord?
There must be someone else…
Someone else…

I’m gonna waive my banner over you
You are my bride, I made you new
By my blood you gain my holiness
And my wedding coat shall be your dress…
And my wedding coat shall be your dress…

And my righteousness shall be your dress…

Wedding Coat


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