That is the reported number of how many babies are aborted every day…

3,000 human beings, eliminated, for various reasons…

And who am I to argue?  I mean – I’m a man, I shouldn’t be talking about women’s rights to abortion (Unless of course I support that right).

If that baby in the womb is not a human being, I would agree with that statement completely.  If that baby is just a growth, like a finger nail or a tumor, then yes, it is part of the woman’s body, and it is her choice whether to carry that growth to birth.

But really, are we still arguing that is the case?  Why?  Why is this subject SO politicized?  Why is abortion seemingly celebrated?  (Google “Shout Your Abortion”, and you will find several people arguing for the right to not only HAVE an abortion, but to celebrate it or at least be supported in this decision – as if it is good…

Again, if that child is not a human being, then I would wholeheartedly agree.

DNA at conception.  Unique DNA, that shows this child is human.  We’re not talking about DNA that mutates into human, from something else – the same DNA that child would have at birth, as they grow, into adulthood.

A heartbeat in 19 days.

We can SEE the child forming in the womb, thanks to technology we have today!  It’s pretty amazing, and any expected parent is beaming as they show their pictures and videos of their child.


Because they chose?  And that’s it?  If I was trying to have a kid, or decided to keep my kid, then it’s human.  But if I don’t want him or her – it’s just a thing?  A growth?  We don’t really believe that, do we?

I wrote this song from the perspective of the child in the womb.  A child that knows he or she is going to be killed.  From the perspective of a mother or father who lives with the haunting knowledge of a decision they can never take back.  I do realize that doesn’t fit the description for everyone who chose to have an abortion.  But it does for many.  There was a song written about it, from the father’s perspective, in the 90’s.  It was very popular, and very sad.  There are studies that show statistics around how a mother is affected after she has an abortion.  Again – I know that doesn’t fit everyone.  You are not a statistic.  But it certainly affects many.

So – I am sharing this song, at no cost to you (Other than your time).  However, I will be giving $5 for every download or stream of the song from Bandcamp, to an organization called “New Life Family Services”, specifically for a program they have called “Conquerors”.  This program is designed to minister to mothers who have had abortions, and are struggling or hurting.  If that is you, you are not alone…

You can read about them here and here.

If you want to help, great!  You can give directly from their website, or pay for the song if you so choose.

I’m NOT intending to raise money or awareness to further legislate.  We have enough of that.  I’m not suggesting we shouldn’t fight for that – I just feel that is not my job.  I want to reach your heart.  I want to talk about this.  Of course I want to change your mind on this subject.  As passionate as you are about what you have been conditioned to believe about this being a women’s right issue – I am about you knowing what you already know.

  • You are a human being with intrinsic value
  • Your value comes from the fact that you are created in God’s image
  • You are valued ultimately by God Himself – in a way nobody, including yourself, could fully comprehend
  • This is the same for your, eternally (“I have loved you with an everlasting love” – Jeremiah 31:3)
  • This was the same for you, when you were a baby in the womb…

So I again open this up for discussion.  And I pray that you accept the truth.

3,000, every day…

I love you…





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