Just So Dang Fun…

2017-25-The Only Childs

the only childs

A little back-story:  About a year ago, I sent a text message to Tony and Alex, sorta along the lines of this:

“Hey fellas!  How’d you like to do a recording project, where we try and write modern day hymns and record them together with acoustic guitars”.


“Or we could use electric guitars?”

Tony called me immediately.

That’s not exactly how it went.  But we did talk about doing something different, but the same, alone, but together.  See, Tony and I were in a band together on and off for something like 10 years.  Then we quit that band and started a new band.  Then Tony quit that band, and Alex replaced him. Then Alex and I quit that band.  So you can see how it made sense to me to bring us three together to make the greatest collection of modern day hymns.

But you know what?  Hymns are NOT easy to write.  And we didn’t want to suck.  We spent a few months toiling over songs, scrapping ideas, working out arrangements, then just thinking, this is gonna take forever! And we don’t want to spend forever making ONE record!

So we decided it was best to just do what we do best.  Write rock and roll songs alone, and record them together.  And that is what we did.

Then we booked studio time.  Or – used my studio.  Our dear friends Tommy C and Steven J came in and laid down rhythm tracks.  Tom’s daughter Anna sang on a song.  We reconvened a couple times to put finishing touches on.  We had a couple beers.  We talked about how fun this is.  And man – this was so much fun to make!  I feel 30 years younger!

The result is the debut EP by the newest, coolest, grooviest, rockin-est, awesome-est rock band to come out of the Minneapolis suburbs since – well that last cool, groovy, rockin, awesome rock band.  That band is The Only Childs.  And the record is named the same.  And you’re welcome!

The record comes out everywhere next Friday.  But as our gift to you, you can buy it NOW on Bandcamp.  Go check it out, let us know if you love it.  And if you don’t – call your local congressman and let them know how disappointed you are in us.

We’re hoping to book a show or two.   We’re hoping you like the record.  We’re hoping we can still be friends when super-stardom bloats our egos.  We’ll see how it goes, and we hope to see you soon!


The Only Childs




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