Full Band Crop

I’ve been in bands.  I’ve had a lot of fun in bands.  I’ve also wanted to pull my hair out, along with every hair on the heads of my bandmates.  Bands are fun, but can also be trying.

It’s been a long time since I’ve “been in a band”.  The closest thing, in the last 9 years, was when I was supporting Jeromy Darling.  And that was easy!  We just showed up and played his songs.  We had the recordings, we worked them out on our own.  We rehearsed, like twice – and that was to prep for a recording session.  We recorded all our parts live, so we wanted to be tight.  Jeromy was and is a great band leader, so it’s easy to follow his lead.  It worked!  Very well!  It may not work, for all – but it worked in this case.

And there was no drama.

I liked that.

So the notion of actually doing a BAND – not super interested.

BUT – a few things have come about over the last couple years, that have sparked a desire to, at least to some degree, “be in a band” again.

  1. I did The Only Childs record, with my dear friends Alex and Tony.  We spent some time, writing songs, and planned to record an EP together.  We even pulled in our friends Tom Carlon and Steve Parenteau to play bass and drums.  It was a real, live, band recording.

    And it was so much fun!

    Sadly, we never did play a show to support the record.  You can find our one and only live performance here….

  2.  Around December, I started playing solo acoustic gigs.  Open mics, occasional full shows.  I’d done one or two, here or there, over the last several years – but I started playing more and more – and loving it!  I plan to continue this, as long as I can.

    But there has always been a desire to – share the stage.

  3.  A year ago, my friend PJ Medin (from Breakthrough – check them out!) asked me if my band could do a festival they were putting on.  I could not at the time, but said if they did it again this year, hit me up!

    So he hit me up.  And after telling him, “Yes, I’d be glad to”, I immediately reached out to my friends Alex and Tom, asking them, “Will you be my band?”

    Of course they said yes.  And Tom brought Josh with him, to be our drummer.

    And we jammed.  And we had fun!

    We’ve done a couple shows, and have a couple more in the works.  No idea how often we’ll do this – likely not a ton.  But enough to “satisfy that urge”, if you will.

We do plan to record Alex’s stuff as well.  So who knows, maybe this band, will be more of a revolving “backing band”, for whomever needs at any given time.

So – for now, being in a band is fun again!