Come Away With Me, My Darling…

Future-2-If I Could Leave This Place

Longing For the Northern Wind

My wife…


I could spend hours just thinking about her.  How cute she is.  How funny she is.  How amazingly gifted she is (She can do almost anything).  How amazingly GIVING she is…

My wife…

We both long for time away together.  So when we get it, we spend a lot of time talking about how wonderful it is.  It is nice that she likes me as much as I like her…  If she didn’t, that would be awkward…  🙂

Wanna see how much she likes me?

That much…  🙂

This song is a play on Song of Solomon, and a tribute to our favorite place to visit together – Blue Fin Bay on the North Shore of Minnesota.  Wonderful, wonderful!


I reached out to Toby Wilson to play pedal steel again, as well as dobro.  What a wonderful addition to the song!  And then I wanted some cool harmonica – the kind you hear on Willie Nelson songs.  I went to Fiverr again – and found this young man who lives in India, goes by the name Divyarat (No last name).  I’m pretty sure he just recorded to his laptop in his apartment livingroom.  But it sounds SO good!  And he’s super talented!  I think he made the song what it is.

My wife does not cry when she hears this one.  But her eyes, they do smile.  Just like they do when she looks at me…

Longing For the Northern Wind
Never saw a sight so beautiful
As the way you look at me
Your eyes they smile so wide
And your love you cannot hide

Come away with me, my darling
For the northern wind is calling
I’ll place a seal on your heart
For your love alone I’m longing

All I wanna do is to know you
To know everything about you
I can’t remember anything before you
And I wouldn’t wanna try

Come away with me, my darling
For the northern wind is calling
I’ll place a seal on your heart
For your love alone I’m longing

I would do anything
Just to be with you…

Song written:  May 21, 2017
Song recorded:  May 21, 26, 28, 29, 2017
Song first released:  May 27, 2017

Toby Wilson – Pedal Steel Guitar, Dobro
Divyarat – Harmonica

Longing For the Northern Wind

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You Will Find Me…

Future-2-If I Could Leave This Place

With All Your Heart

I wrote this song for a dear friend of mine.  He and I had some pretty in-depth conversations about God, and religion, and the very hard truth of the Gospel that says Jesus is the only way to the Father – the only way to heaven.  And hell…  Nobody wants to accept it, or admit it, but hell (myself included), is a very stark reality…

But in these conversations, I hurt my friend deeply.  I callously called him a sinner.  I didn’t mean to be so callous, or “black and white”.  It just came out…  Because, you know, this is what Jesus says, I don’t “deal with what he deals with”.  Yes, we are all sinners.  But when you call someone a sinner to their face…  When you call their very life, who they are or identify as or with, SIN.  It’s…  There is a better way to engage in the Gospel truth.

I’m not at all suggesting we avoid talking about sin, or hell, or the truth of our brokenness and need for a Savior.  Please, those who are thinking as they read my comment, “You cannot change the truth”, or “Truth doesn’t care about your feelings” -I am not at all suggesting this. I just know that I was a bit clinical and calloused in my heartless, black and white statements.  I just talked about dehumanizing people, to make us feel better about our own decisions, in a previous post.  I did not mean to do this with my dear friend – but I think I did, even if involuntarily…  And for that, I’m truly sorry.  More sorry than I could ever express…

What I’m most sorry for?  What I said to my friend, is not something he’d never heard before.  Not something others haven’t said, or expressed, or suggested, or maybe even acted upon.  I’ve just piled it on…

I’ve often wondered, what is it that puts a wedge between God and man.  Man, of course – I know this.  We sin, and then hide from God.  And then sin more, and hide more.

But what about when a man like me, helps create a bigger divide?  I’m most sorry that I potentially contributed to that division in my friend’s heart.  And my greatest prayer is that he realize the God of the universe loves HIM, deeply.  As he is, NOW.  No matter how the Gospel message – the GOOD NEWS – is delivered to him, I pray he hears and understands that God loves him eternally.

So I wrote this stupid little song for my dear friend.  And there it is.

With All Your Heart
How am I supposed to believe what you say?
When you say I’ve sealed my fate
How am I supposed to know that you love me?
when your people show me hate

You would never ever be able to love me
To love me with all Your heart

Your words, they have been twisted into devils
Too many wolves attending the sheep
I am desperate to hear my Shepard’s call
Cause I feel as though I’ve been misled
Oh, tell me…

Would You ever really be able to love me?
To love me with all Your heart?

You will find Me
When you seek Me

With all your heart…

Song written:  May 16, 18, 19, 2017
Song recorded:  May 19, 20, 2017
Song first released:  May 20, 2017
Songwriters:  Ted Hajnasiewicz, Tony Preston

With All Your Heart

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God, You Make Things New…

Future-2-If I Could Leave This Place

I Give Myself

This song was going to be for Stella and Cody, as they got married in Seattle.  I planned to write it while in Seattle, and it would be my sort of “post wedding tribute”.  I had the title, and an idea of what to write about.  But I wanted to save it, so I could “write it in the moment”.  I’m kinda weird like that, I know.

God had other plans…

This song is for some very dear friends of mine.  They went through some of the most horrific, painful things any married couple could endure.  It’s not my story to tell.  I will say however, God is bigger than us, and their marriage is evidence of this.  In a world like ours, with all the quick judgement and saving face that we fall into, they should no longer be married.  But their faithfulness to Jesus, and more important – HIS to them – is the reason they are fighting for their marriage.

And guess what? Every one of us who is married, has, is, or WILL go through something like this.  It may not be as monumental.  It may be worse.  But in the moment, it sure will feel like it’s the end, or should be the end.  What will you do?  Will you fight your spouse?  Or will you fight FOR your spouse?  Will you give up?  Or will you give in to your Lord and Savior?  Will you let your marriage die?  Or will you LAY DOWN YOUR LIFE for your spouse?

It’s a daily, often hourly, choice.  God is good, and He makes all things new.  This song is a great encouragement for all married couples.  Put Jesus first, so you can put your spouse first.

I was blessed to have my dear friend Katianna Carlon sing this one with me, and my other dear friend Spencer Bernard play the blistering guitar solo.  They made an ok song great!

Dear friends, I love you, and pray for you all the time.


I Give Myself
If I had a million years
To make up in a day
I’d do it all
I’d give it all
If I caused a million tears
I’d wipe each one away
I’d do it all
I’d give my all

Grace, it covers
Grace, it washes you clean
New, God You make things
New, I give myself to you…

I don’t know how we got here
I wonder, is it me?
But I promise
To take you home
I give myself to you
I give myself anew
Will you have me?

Grace, it covers
Grace, it washes you clean
New, God You make things
New, I give myself to you…

I give myself to you…

Song written:  May 7, 2017
Song recorded:  May 7, 20, 22, June 30, 2017
Song first released:  May 7, 2017

Katianna Carlon – Vocals
Spencer Bernard – Guitar Solo

I Give Myself

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Are You OK With This???

Future-2-If I Could Leave This Place


I wrote this song for those who are most neglected, forgotten about.  The ones we want to dehumanize most.  We like to dehumanize, because it makes it easier to neglect them.  Or ignore them.  Or in this case – kill them…

If babies in the womb are not human – if they are truly globs of goo – then my assertion is completley wrong, there is nothing to be concerned with, right?

But you know you don’t believe that.  You wept when you lost your baby in the womb.  Or you were overjoyed, and excited when you found out you had a child in the womb.  What is different?  Your choice?

A heartbeat in 19 days.  A heart can’t beat, without the brain telling it to?  But I’m not a scientist, I could be wrong.

DNA at conception.  AT CONCEPTION.  So what – so a tomato has DNA.  But a tomato’s DNA doesn’t change into a peaches DNA.  Nor does the baby’s DNA in the womb change at birth, from a glob of goo’s DNA to that of a human being.  It’s human DNA at conception.  This baby in the womb is a human being…

This is a life.  We all know it.  I don’t want to vote my argument.  I don’t want to run around making abortion illegal.  Others are doing that, and good for them.

But I do want to talk about it.  You may hate me for this discussion.  But I’m asking you – would you have the discussion?

And I’m willing to hear you out.  You have a story.  You may have had an abortion, or paid for one.  Tell me your story.  Let’s talk.  Let’s not gloss over it, or make it ok – but at the same time I am not interested in making you a monster.   You’re not.  You’re a victim, my dear friend.  A victim of a society who by now has never know abortion as anything BUT holy and righteous.  Think about that – Roe V Wade was what, 1974?  33 years ago?  And how many years before that was the message argued that abortion is good?  So how can we know different?  NOBODY IS LEFT who knew different.

3000 babies are killed in America, every day.  EVERY.  DAY…

Are you really ok with that?

Please don’t answer here, with your quick knee-jerk response.  Please, please consider this, and answer that for yourself…  And then, if you are willing, come talk to me.  I Would so appreciate it.

I wrote this from the perspective of those who never had a voice.  Who never had a name – at least not to us.  Who were all known by their Creator…

I wonder will she think of me?
Will anyone think of me again?
Will nights be long for anyone?
Will anyone give me a name?

Among the faceless the nameless…
How can I expect you to care?
How can I expect you to love?

Would You give me a name?
Would You see my face?
I am seen…
I am known…

Song written:  May 5, 2017
Song recorded:  May 5, 13, July 19, 2017
Song first released:  May 6, 2017
Note:  this song was originally released as an acoustic single, with all money going to an organization called “Conquerors”.  This organization ministers to those who have had abortions.  You can donate to them directly or find the original single.

Kate Stiglicz – Cello


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You Have Been Set Free…

Future-2-If I Could Leave This Place

At A Price

Every few months, I have the privilege of going to Lino Lakes Correctional Facility to sing for and with a group of men, at an event called “Friday Night at the Q”.  I think “Q” is the name of the building we are in.  It’s about 200 men who are on fire for Jesus, singing praises to Him together.  Nothing compares to this, as a musician or a worship leader.  I think it’s the closest I may get on earth to what it’ll be like some day singing before the throne of God…

There is a banner on the wall in this room, with the verse from Romans 6:

You have been set free from sin and have become slaves to righteousness (Romans 6:18)

I am always struck by this verse, as I’m in there.  These men are NOT free, physically.  They are prisoners.  But they are FREE, in ways many of us, even believers may not be.  So many of these men have truly laid their burdens down before the foot of the cross, and let Jesus take them.  Have you?  If not – why don’t you?

That question is for me, as much as it is for you.

If you ever get the chance – Ask these men about this freedom.  You’ll be amazed…

So – why become free, to then become a SLAVE again?  As this verse seems to indicate.  It doesn’t make sense???

Well – there is a difference here.  The “slave to righteousness” is voluntary.  Much like slavery in OT times was.  It was voluntary servitude.  Maybe to pay off a debt.  Sometimes, those who paid their debt, or were forgiven their debt (Look up the Jubliee), volunteered to remain servants – because they were so loved and taken care of – and they so loved their master.  This is the picture of we who are in Christ.  We are so much indebted to our Savior – and yet we willingly serve our loving Master.

Then – often even those who volunteered were turned into forced, tortured, captives.  Much like the slaves in Egypt.  Much like us, as we are slaves to sin.  We voluntarily sin, but we cannot get out…

But Jesus sets us free….

Do you know this?  Ask one of these men about it…

I wrote this song for these men, because they have changed MY life.  God is doing amazing things in and through their lives – ask them about it…

I took lyrics from the hymn, “Amazing Grace”, as it is probably the most fitting gospel song written by man.

You once were slaves to sin.  Now slaves to righteousness.  Do you know this?

At A Price
By blood
A hefty price
You’ve been won
Bought your life

Amazing grace
How sweet
The sound
That saved a wretch
Like me
I’m found…

I was
A slave to fear
I lay that down
You draw me near…

The Lord is good
To me
His will secure
My hope
And sheild

The earth
Will melt like snow
You’ll be my God

Song written:  February 26, March 6, 7, 2017
Song recorded:  April 7, 10, July 21, 2017
First released:  April 10, 2017
Songwriters:  Ted Hajnasiewicz, John Newton

Courtney Jayd – Backing Vocals

At A Price

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Be Bold and Courageous!!!

Future-2-If I Could Leave This Place

Bold As A Lion

I got into a swing of writing and recording in March.  I was banging out songs, like nobody’s business!  But each one was different, and each one was so deeply personal.  This was going to be a great record!

This one is for Cody, my son.  (My son-in-law, but that’s too many syllables, and he’s family to me in more than a “legal” sense, so…).  Cody is one of the bravest young men I know.  He has publically faced his darkness, struggles, pain – not for attention, not for gain, but for those who also struggle with the same debilitating daily mental and emotional turmoil that comes with depression.  Cody will spend his life doing this, because he loves Jesus and he loves people, and he’s real as real can be.  Bold as a lion.

I don’t think Cody would describe himself that way.  But I will (and I really, really hope that is ok – especially that I praise him in public…).  He’s an inspiration to me for certain.

So I wrote this song, after reading one of his heartbreaking, yet inspiring, posts/cries out to God.  I confess, I don’t know how to deal with mental illness, anxiety, depression, etc.  I think we as a people don’t – so we probably – avoid it.  Or label it.  Or hide from it (whether that be our own struggles, or those of loved ones).  The church has failed to address this.  This is because the church is filled with – humans.  But we need to repent, and move TOWARD those who feel emotionally crippled and crushed, and LOVE our brothers and sisters in Christ.  I think there will be much healing from it, when we do.  We don’t have to know HOW – we just need to do.  We’ll learn.  And we’ll heal together, and become more whole and holy.

Thank you Cody for your courage, and willingness to shed light in darkness, in my life for sure, and in the lives of so many others…

If you are one who struggles – know you are loved, more than could ever comprehend or maybe accept.  Know that YOU MATTER.  Know that you are not alone.  If you struggle with whether you should even be here – please reach out to someone.

Here is a great resource (There are MANY – I just know if this one):

And more important – TALK TO SOMEONE.  It’s so scary to be vulnerable, even with people you know and trust.  PLEASE be willing.  It will bless you, and the other person.  God works through our humility and vulnerability.

If you are looking for ways to help the left-behinds, this is a great local (MN) organization (again – there are MANY):

Be bold and courageous – for God will never leave you nor forsake you…

Bold As A Lion
Make me bold as a lion
Cause I’m scared as a lamb

As my world is upside down
I’m reeling
And I have no up or down
I’m falling, will you catch me?
And I see the serpent’s head
He’s coiling
Will I stand and fight
Or will I stand and hide?

Make me bold as I lion
Cause I’m scared as a lamb

As I strive for honesty
I’m hiding
All my fears and failures
Will you make me new?
As I strive to be enough
You promise
That your grace is sufficient
Help me to press on…

Make me bold as a lion
Cause I’m scared as a lamb

And I will forget what lies behind…

Song written:  March 17, 18, 2017
Song recorded:  March 18, June 8, 2017 (and various forgotten dates in between)
Song first released:  March 21, 2017
Acoustic Prayer Version released:  June 8, 2017

Bold As A Lion

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My Heart Is In Memphis…

Future-2-If I Could Leave This Place

My Heart Is In Memphis

Almost a year ago, Adam and Kate were married.  What an amazing day, from the bluegrass band they had playing PRE-WEDDING, to the house the stayed in, to the yard they got married in two houses down, to the walk Adam led us on to HIS BRIDE, to the amazing (A- MAY- ZING!) food, to the dancing and laughter.  Beautiful, brilliant and wonderful.

One thing I loved, was watching Adam and his mama dancing late in the evening.  It really was sweet, and I could not take my eyes off them.  To see the joy in my wife’s face, dancing with her son…

Wanna see?  I am stealing this pic from someone, so I ask for forgiveness in advance…


Isn’t that just tremendously heart-warming?

So – P adores her kids.  And Adam and Kate are way too far away.  They moved to Seattle, then to Memphis – WAY TOO FAR AWAY.  It is such a wonderful time when we get to see them, and so crushing to my wife when we separate.

I wrote this song for Adam, from P’s perspective.  I tried to capture how she feels, and I kept thinking of the picture above, as I was writing.

My wife cries every time she hears it, and turns it off – she just can’t…

My friend Tony (the challenger…) suggested I find someone to play pedal steel on this.  So I did!  Toby Wilson lives in the UK, and offers his services (pedal steel, dobro, acoustic guitar, etc.) on a site called Fiverr.  I first learned of Fiverr from another friend of mine, Spencer Bernard, who suggested I look into it for musicians who play those instruments I cannot myself.  Great ideas Tony and Spencer!

I really, really love how this song turned out.  And there I go again with making my wife cry…

My Heart Is In Memphis
My child, don’t you worry
If you can’t make it for Christmas
I’ll keep the phone line open
Just to hear your voice again

My child, you’re all grown up…
And I can’t stop it if I try
Still you’ll always be my son
And I ain’t gonna lie

Oh and I
I wanna dance with you forever
And hear your laughter fill the room
It’s all these memories that I treasure as I long for you…
My heart is in memphis…

My child, don’t you stop
Love your woman
When times are harder than you thought
You would ever have to bear

My child you’re all grown up
And the pain is part of growin’
But the pain won’t kill your joy
Oh, you’ll always be my boy

Oh and I
I wanna dance with you forever
And hear your laughter fill the room
It’s all these memories that I treasure as I long for you…
My heart is in memphis…

Song written:  March 17, 2017
Song recorded:  March 17, April 7, 2017
Song first released:  March 18, 2017
Single released:  April 7, 2017

Toby Wilson – Pedal Steel Guitar

My Heart Is In Memphis

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