You Are Beautiful

I've Said Too Much FINAL

My wife and I were in San Francisco last fall.  Wonderful city.  We were in the Tenderloin district.  It’s the area where, seemingly, all the homeless people are herded.  I say this, because one of the women I met while there, told me should couldn’t go past a certain street.  “The cops won’t let us”.  I found that odd.  It was getting near the “high end” area.  Maybe these people are an eye sore?  Probably – we all kinda think that about these people…


So – I tend to LOVE going out and hanging with people on the street.  I might bring food, I might just offer to sit with someone and chat, if they will have me.

In San Francisco, in the Tenderloin District, I didn’t have to approach anyone.  I was approached.  Over and over.  And over again.

Some were kind.  Some not.  Some were destitute.  All were, really, but some more than others.

But I felt – overwhelmed.  To the point where, at one point, I said, “No more, Lord.  I can’t take one more…”  Selfish, I know.  And God didn’t stop.

I wrote this song about a few people I encountered in San Francisco, last fall.

Anna – this wonderful woman, came up to me and my wife, asking if we had a dollar.  She looked so – sad…  I asked her name, and you would have thought there suddenly was a different person, as she lit up and declared, “Anna”!  With such a beautiful smile.  I mean – stunning.  Not in a “Greta Garbo” sort of way.  More in a, “Wow, someone wants to know my name?”  I was struck with the thought, when is the last time someone asked her?

Doris – this woman was a wreck.  Pregnant.  Strung out and high.  Wanted money, so badly.  I couldn’t.  I don’t often have money on me, actually.  I did, but knew this would be bad for her.  “Lord, what should I do?”.  I felt led to give her food – and as much as she wanted.  So we went into this local pizza/burger/whatever place.  And she ordered a personal pizza.  And some chicken strips.  And a burger.  And a 2-litre of coke.  And fries.  And a few other things.  I just said, “Yes, yes, yes, you bet”.  Rang up a huge bill, just to lavish love on her as best I could.  We chatted for quite a while, as we waited for all that food to be made.  She was lovely, and so personable and engaging.

Until the food was there, and she asked again and again for money.  Pleading.  Begging – “Please, I just need a few dollars…”, with no real reason for the money.  When I couldn’t give it to her, she grew more and more upset.  I left her, upset with me.  She didn’t owe me anything – but it was so clear that NOT giving her money was a good thing.  Yet so very heartbreaking…

Karen – Karen is actually the name of the very first person I approached, after being saved.  Like two months or so after being saved.  I was in Kansas City with my son.  I made this poor little kid come with me, as I went to “share the Gospel with this poor homeless woman”.  To my amazement and relief, she shared the Gospel with me!  Such joy in her heart!  It was so encouraging and wonderful.  She was wonderful and engaging, as she shared her life with us.  So dang cool…

I chose these three to write about, and to, in this song.  All three had major impacts on my life, and God used them to touch my heart.  And I wanted to write something that God might actually say to them – or to you or me.


I don’t think we really believe this.  That the God of the universe cares deeply for each of us.  That He’s capable.  That He’s willing.  That He REALLY loves us, that much.

But it’s true.  We do well to remember this…

And I pray for Anna, that she know this.  That a chance encounter is not all that she knows, when it comes to knowing her name is important.  That she see SHE is important to Jesus.

I pray for Doris – that she no longer live in shame and fear, that she be FREE in the name of Jesus!

I pray for Karen – that she continually rejoice in the Lord – whether that is still here on earth or when she stands face to face with Christ.

I pray for you – that you know God loves you with an everlasting love…

You Are Beautiful
You are beautiful
You’re made perfectly
You are beautiful
You’re made in the image of Me

Dear Anna,
Such a beautiful smile
Such a beautiful name
And I call you Mine
I’ve called you by name
Into My grace
My mercy is yours for the taking

Dear child, don’t you know yet?
Dear one, haven’t you heard?

That you are beautiful
You’re made perfectly
You are beautiful
You’re made in the image of Me

Dear Doris,
You don’t need that hit…
You don’t need that shame…
‘Cause you are My gift
I give you Myself
And that’s enough
If only you’d know this…
If only you’d know this…

Dear child, with a child of your own
Dear one, don’t let go…

‘Cause you are so beautiful
You’re made perfectly
You are beautiful
You’re made in the image of Me

Dear Karen,
Pure in heart
You think no one sees you…
But I do…
Your name’s not forgotten
It’s in My book of life
And today you will hear me in Paradise, say…

You are beautiful
You’re made perfectly
You are beautiful
You’re made in the image of Me

You Are Beautiful